Q: Can I get FTP access  to edit theme templates, stylesheets or JavaScript files?

A: No. Like WordPress.com, wp.vcu.edu is a network installation of WordPress — so that means all of the pros and cons for wordpress.com on this comparison of wordpress.com and wordpress.org hold true for wp.vcu.edu as well (note: we do not offer anything like the custom design upgrade). There are currently over 40 themes available (with plans to add more!), and most of these allow you to customize the layout, widgets, header and more without needing to access any source files directly. Plus, this way you can leave all the maintenance to us and focus more on blogging.

Q: Can I upload or install plug-ins?

A: Unfortunately not, for the same reasons given in the answer to the previous question. To suggest a plug-in you feel will be of benefit to the majority of VCU WordPress users, contact VCU Web Services, who may install the plug-in at their sole discretion.

Q: How can I embed videos in my posts or pages?

A: There are two options for including videos and other media inside a post or page.

The first option requires you to enable auto-embeds on the Media Settings page as described in our Basic Blog Set-Up » Advanced Settings overview. With this option you only need to include, on its own line, a link to the media you want to embed.

The second option allows you a little more control over your embed. This involves wrapping the link in an embed shortcode — use this option when you want to retain control of the dimensions of the embed by declaring height and width properties, like so:

. . .

Of course, be sure to replace the ellipsis with an actual link.

Bear in mind that this only works with sites that have been whitelisted by WordPress. For a complete list, please visit http://codex.wordpress.org/Embeds.