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The Commonwealth of Virginia now requires all NEW vendors who meet the following criteria to either self-register in eVA or provide a written request to opt out of this new process.


1) Payments require a purchase order (includes ICAs)

2) Products and services are not on the exemption list located at:  http://procurement.vcu.edu/i-want-to/use-eva/view-exemptions-list/#.VHXe38stDcs

Information about this new process can be found on the VCU Procurement website:  http://procurement.vcu.edu/i-want-to/do-business-with-vcu/register-with-eva/#.VG9khDTF98Ehttp://www.eva.state.va.us/index.htm

Please review the attached form that will be provided to vendors by the fiscal team when requests are received.  This form (along with a W-9 form) must be approved by eVA BEFORE work can be performed (includes services paid on an ICA).

*This will add an additional step to the process, so please plan accordingly.

Information for Partnership Staff (requesting the services/products)

Reminder: This process is for new vendors.

1) Email the Partnership fiscal team at ppdfiscal@vcu.edu to determine if the vendor is in the eVA system.

*The email should include the Vendor’s name, address, contact person, and email address (If the vendor will be paid on an ICA, please submit the completed ICA form for review and approval.)

2) If the vendor is not in the system, the fiscal team will contact the vendor and provide the attached form which explains this new process.

3) Once the vendor returns the completed form, the fiscal team will submit it to Accounts Payable for approval

4) Upon receiving approval, the requester will be advised that the order can be placed for products or services.

eVA Self-registration document – Nov 2014

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