Forensic Scientist – Impression Evidence/Latent Print Discipline- Idaho

Open for Recruitment: June 24, 2016 – July 22, 2016
Announcement # 07433027561
Salary Range: $24.90 – $34.79 per hour

Location(s): Meridian

The Forensic Scientist 2 is an experienced scientist-level position with ISP Forensic Services.  An experienced scientist who meets the minimum qualifications and *qualifying work experience of the Impression Evidence/Latent Print Forensic Scientist 2 must successfully complete a qualifying examination and a six-month probationary period of 1,040 hours.

*Qualifying work experience for the Forensic Scientist 2 in the impression evidence/latent print unit includes a minimum of two (2) years working independently, planning, managing, and prioritizing forensic impression evidence caseloads; successfully engaging in independent research, evaluation, and validation activities associated with forensic impression evidence; performing and documenting a range of examinations regarding forensic impression evidence analysis; providing training and consultation services to professional criminal justice and scientific audiences; and testifying as an expert regarding forensic impression evidence examinations performed as applicable.

For more information, see Forensic Scientist-Impression Evidence

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