Forensic Scientist I, Toxicology

This position is posted with a Special Minimum Rate. The minimum pay rate for this position is $ 46,209.00.

The primary purpose of the Toxicology Section is to provide the North Carolina Criminal Justice System with trained and experienced forensic scientists who analyze evidence seized in the course of criminal investigations. The forensic services provided include laboratory analysis, technical field assistance and expert witness testimony in the areas of controlled substances, blood alcohol, blood drug, drug dilution, drug tampering and clandestine drug laboratories.

The primary purpose of this Forensic Scientist I is to perform entry level Toxicology casework – an equitable share of the analyses performed by the Section, prepare written reports of the results of the analyses; provide expert testimony in court on the results of the analyses. The Forensic Scientist analyzes blood evidence seized by Law Enforcement officers in the course of their investigations to determine if the blood contains alcohol or controlled substances. The Scientist must be familiar with the N.C. General Statutes, as the Forensic Scientist must not only identify controlled and impairing drugs, but must be able to classify the drug under the drug laws – Schedules I through VI. The scientist must document and prepare laboratory reports, as well as furnish testimony in state and federal courts.

Minimum Education and Experience – Drug Chemistry/Toxicology

Bachelor’s degree with a major in chemistry or closely related curriculum from an appropriately accredited institution and two years of experience performing bench level analysis in drug chemistry; or an equivalent combination of education and experience.

We will accept applicants who will be receiving their Master’s degree in the current semester (by January 1, 2017).

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