Young Researchers Conference

The 5th Young Researchers Conference (YRC) is being held at the University of Maryland College Park on September 29, 2018. We would like to invite undergraduate and graduate students, (especially underrepresented minorities and women), to present a poster or a short research presentation. There is a 5 dollar fee (refundable when they show up to the symposium). Hopefully we can bring 10 people from VCU (it will be a great opportunity to hear about ADSE and also something that really helped me in the NSF CAREER)! 
This year, we are going to have a keynote lectures from Prof. Rigoberto Hernandez (John Hopkins: Group Link) and from young faculty from Prof. Seena Ajit (Drexel:Group Link), Prof. Christina Woo (Harvard:Group Link)),  and Prof. Gloria Washington (Howard:Group Link).
In addition, students will have the opportunity to: 
· Present oral and/or poster presentations.
· Learn about non-traditional STEM careers
· Network with other students and faculty
· Learn how more about the interview process (for graduate school, postdoctoral research positions, and for academic and industry positions)
·Learn basics of data analysis and hands-on basics on Python coding!
Previously, we organized the 1st and 2nd YRC events at UCLA (2016), UC Davis (2017), University of Maryland (2017), and Xavier University (2018). We hope to make this event a success for years to come.
We invite you and those in your network(s) to register to attend this event. The registration form can be completed in a few minutes via this link:

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