Forensic Scientist 1 DNA Casework Discipline-ID

SALARY: $22.97 Hourly
$47,777.60 Annually
DEPARTMENT: Idaho State Police
OPENING DATE: 12/20/18
CLOSING DATE: 01/27/19

This announcement is being used to underfill a DNA Forensic Scientist 2 (FS2) position.
The Forensic Scientist 1 (FS1) is an entry-level position, which will work under the direct
supervision of a more experienced Forensic Scientist.

• Maintain established standards of laboratory cleanliness, safety, and efficiency.
• Provide scientific and technical expertise in genetics, forensic biology, and DNA
• Follow analytical methods and the quality and safety procedures.
• Document quality controls and work.
• Check that the report issued for analysis they perform is accurate.
• Report results of all analysis performed through written/electronic reports.
• Provide expert testimony in complex DNA analysis, genetics, and relevant population

• A baccalaureate degree in biology, chemistry, or a closely related field
◦ Successful completion of a minimum of seventeen (17) semester (or 26
quarter) units of chemistry or biology related college level coursework.
◦ One course in biochemistry (3 semester units)
◦ One course in genetics (3 semester units)
◦ One course in molecular biology (3 semester units)
◦ One course in statistics or population genetics (3 semester units)

For more information, see Forensic Scientist 1 DNA Casework Idaho State Police (1)

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