Forensic Scientist 2 DNA Casework Discipline-ID

SALARY: $26.56 – $29.52 Hourly
$55,244.80 – $61,401.60 Annually
DEPARTMENT: Idaho State Police
OPENING DATE: 12/20/18
CLOSING DATE: 01/27/19 11:59 PM

• Maintain established standards of laboratory cleanliness, safety, and efficiency
• Provide scientific and technical expertise in genetics, forensic biology, and DNA
• Follow analytical methods and the quality and safety procedures
• Document quality controls and work
• Check that the report issued for analysis they perform is accurate
• Report results of all analysis performed through written/electronic reports
• Provide expert testimony in complex DNA analysis, genetics, and relevant population

• A baccalaureate degree in biology, chemistry, or a closely related field
◦ Successful completion of a minimum of seventeen (17) semester (or 26
quarter) units of chemistry or biology related college level coursework.
◦ One course in biochemistry (3 semester units)
◦ One course in genetics (3 semester units)
◦ One course in molecular biology (3 semester units)
◦ One course in statistics or population genetics (3 semester units)
• Two years of *qualifying work experience as an independent forensic DNA casework
or database analyst in an accredited laboratory supported by appropriate training

For more information see FS2 DNA Casework Idaho State Police (2)

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