S.9 – S G I D Debrief

Small Group Individual Diagnosis

As instructors think about a course in terms of student learning, they frequently seek insights into a variety of pertinent questions:  Does the course organization provide for optimal student learning?  Do the presentations enhance or detract from the content?  What materials are seen as relevant or irrelevant?  Do the writing assignments achieve desired goals?  Is the pace of the course too fast or too slow?  In an effort to answer such questions, instructors seek systematic ways to obtain input.

The Small Group Instructional Diagnosis (SGID), pioneered at the University of Washington in Seattle, is a process designed to help instructors answer such questions.  The method, commonly conducted at midterm, uses class interviews with students to provide suggestions to strengthen the course, increase communication between the students and the instructor, and generally improve instruction.  The process identifies not only areas for change but also ways to address those areas.

This class session will provide us with the opportunity to debrief the findings from the SGID conducted in GRAD 602 prior to the Spring break.


SGID Report (PDF)