S.7 – Models of Learning


Session 7: Models of Learning

Session Overview

In the last session, we identified and discussed some common conceptions of learning, and recognized that these notions can often be highly personalized constructions that are a composite of individual knowledge and beliefs. In this session, we seek to build upon the awareness generated in previous discussion by examining several learning taxonomies (models of learning) and considering how they might be used as frameworks for articulating conceptions of and approaches to teaching. We have found that future (and current) faculty members benefit from considering how a model of learning can give voice and clarity to their unarticulated perceptions of how learning works. Ultimately, we hope to identify complimentary connections among beliefs, research, theory and teaching practice.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this session you should be able to…

  • Continue to discuss how beliefs about learning shape teaching practice.
  • Consider and use taxonomies of learning as frameworks for informing and conceptualizing what it means to teach.
  • Identify key findings from research on learning and discuss the extent to which this knowledge can be used to enhance education.


Key Questions

  • How can / should the research on learning inform teaching and the process of education?
  • To what extent do individual beliefs and conceptions of learning, shape teaching practices? What kinds of activities can support examination of one’s beliefs?
  • Is there value in examining one’s beliefs about learning in order to enhance teaching?


1)    Explore taxonomies and models as narratives of how learning works

2)    Discuss Bloom’s taxonomy, SOLO Taxonomy, Shulman’s table of learning, Fink’s taxonomy of significant learning

3)    Discuss aligning personal perspectives of teaching and learning

4)   Prezi for lesson


1)    Complete suggested readings. Continue to read your selected book.

2)    Synthesize ideas from readings and class discussion and share your ideas in your Learning Journal.

Suggested Readings

Learning Taxonomies