March 31, 2011

March 30, 2011

New Honors Module Added for Summer 2011

The following honors module was added for Summer 2011. Please note that the description may not be available under “Honors Modules” on the Honors College website until next week, but the course is currently posted on e-services and open for enrollment.
The New Canadian City (HONR 399)
Canada has the longest border with the United States, and is our largest trading partner. Yet, most Americans know little about Canada and its 33 million people, and how Canada’s history, government, social organization, demographics, and ethnicity differ from the United States. This module will examine how these factors influence Canadian urbanization and urban ways of life. This module will examine how these factors influence Canadian urbanization and urban ways of life. This module on the Canadian City will examine both the demographic and social processes in contemporary Canadian urbanization. Emphasis will not only be on what is occurring, but also on the implications for both Canadian and American society.
Instructor: JJ Palen

Have an Interest in Art and how We Talk About It?

This Fall semester, Tom Adair will be teaching a course called Art and Language (HUSI 491-901, CRN 26825).
The course is a great opportunity for students interested in art to learn the necessary skills to discuss art intellectually.
Most likely, this will count as a humanities requirement if you need it, but your department can confirm this. For English majors, this will count as an elective.
This course will examine the common nature of critiquing art via ‘Art Speak.’ That language commonly used, which does not address art, but offers a vague notion of visual construction.
The writings of certain artists and critics will be studied with structural, logical, guidance coming from, amongst others, Ludwig Wittgenstein; we don’t have to be scholars to derive great benefit from delving into his work.
“In art it is hard to say anything as good as: saying nothing.”
-Wittgenstein, Culture and Value, p. 23

March 24, 2011

Honors Registration

For those of you with 1st Day Honors Registration Privileges, registration is this Monday, March 28th at 8:00 am!
See the Honors College website for a list of honors courses offered this Fall 2011 semester. Please note that this list may not include all honors sections of courses taught by various departments. Students should visit E-services and select the “honors” attribute for a complete list of honors courses.
If you can’t register on Monday, it’s because of one of the following reasons:
1. You are a freshman who didn’t meet with your honors adviser before March 25th
2. You are a student who made an appointment with your honors adviser and didn’t keep it
3. You are in the Guaranteed Admission program and didn’t meet with your adviser
4. Another department put a hold on your account (Student Accounts, your major adviser, etc)
4. You didn’t show the required documents at Passport Checks
For those of you who missed an appointment, the hold will be lifted when you meet with your honors adviser on or after March 30th. Please call our office to schedule.
If another department put a hold on your account, you will need to contact them.
If you didn’t make it to Passport Checks, you will register on March 30th at 8:00 am, provided there are no holds on your account.
Contact Ms. Homer with questions:

Berglund Seminar on Friday Cancelled

Unfortunately, Dr. Pettiford-Wates, originally scheduled to speak on Art Activism this Friday, March 25th at noon, had to cancel her presentation.
There are still many opportunities to attend your third seminar and students should attend sooner rather than later because it will be finals time before you know it!
For a complete schedule of Berglund Seminars please visit: