August 23, 2011

Welcome Week LGBT Panel Discussion

Welcome Week LGBT Panel Discussion taking place Wednesday, August 24, 2011 from 1pm-2pm in the Virginia Rooms in the University Student Commons.
This is a great opportunity for students, especially incoming students, to hear about and meet all the wonderful LGBT community allies here at VCU and in the Richmond community.
Also watch for information on the 12th Annual LGBT Welcome Back Ice Cream Social scheduled for Wednesday, Sept 7 from 3:30-5pm at Rodney’s!
Contact your adviser if you’d like more information about how to become an ally to the LGBT community or if you’d like to hear more about campus resources.

December 2011 Grads

Attention December 2011 Grads! Have you submitted your VCU Graduation Application yet? Remember that in addition to completing the Honors Dossier (which determines whether you graduate with University Honors), you must complete the University’s Graduation Application by September 9, 2011 (which determines if you graduate at all). The graduation office has been sending graduation candidates information by email so you should all have received notifications by now. If you need more information, visit Graduation Office’s page:

August 18, 2011

New Rules at the Honors College Security Desk

The staff at the West Grace Security desk will continue to have all student swipe-in using their VCU ID when they enter the Honors College building. As always, if you are an Honors student, you will be able to access the building and swipe into the Honors Lounge on the first floor where the computer lab and study rooms are available any time.
However, beginning this Fall 2011 semester, if you are coming to the Honors College for a class scheduled in one of the new classrooms upstairs, the rules are slightly different. Those honors students living in the Honors College dorm will simply swipe in. Those Honors students who do not live in the Honors College dorm will swipe in and then leave their VCU ID at the Security Desk and then pick their ID up when they leave. The Security Desk will be keeping a roster of students taking classes upstairs so they can restrict and monitor access to the upstairs residential space.

August 8, 2011

Still Looking for an Honors Course for the Fall?

If you’re still looking for an honors course for the Fall 2011 semester, there are still several courses with seats available. A few do have prerequisites (noted in parentheses), but most will be open to all. You should be able to sign up online but if you have any trouble, contact your honors adviser.
Honors Courses with Openings:

  • 26799: ACCT 203: HNRS: Intro to Accounting I
  • 26800: ECON 210: HNRS: Principles of Economics: Micro
  • 26968: FIRE 311: HNRS: Financial Management (Prerequisites: MGMT 212 or MATH 200; and ACCT 204, ACCT 205 or ACCT 202 [for non-business majors]. Pre- or corequisite: MGMT 301, STAT 210, STAT 212, STAT 312 or STAT 541. This course is restricted to students who have completed at least 54 credit hours/junior standing.)
  • 26934: MGMT 319: HNRS: Organizational Behavior (This course is restricted to students who have completed at least 54 credit hours/junior standing.)
  • 26841: MKTG 301: HNRS: Marketing Principles (This course is restricted to students who have completed at least 26 credit hours/sophomore standing.)
  • 26616 MASC 101: HNRS: Mass Communications
  • 26615: MASC 291: HNRS: TOP: Diversity Issues in 21st Century Media Workplace
  • 24879: HONR 399: HN MOD: Presidential Greatness