October 31, 2011

PreReq Check Issues?

The University began using prerequisite checking to register for ALL courses. As you may already know there have been several difficulties with the new system. If you attempt to register for the course and receive a prerequisite error message, the system is telling you that you do not have the prerequisites to register for the course. If you believe you DO have the prerequisites for the course, please contact the department. Each academic department sets their own prerequisites, so we cannot assist you with registering if you receive a prerequisite error. Please see the announcement below for more information on the prerequisite checking process:

New Prerequisite Checking Process in Place

New for this registration period is the implementation of the Banner-enforced prerequisite checking process, or “PreReq Check.” VCU is implementing this function in e-Services to help students ensure prerequisites are completed before enrolling in a required course, thereby minimizing a potential hurdle to a timely graduation; ensure that students who are enrolled in all courses are adequately prepared for those courses; and ensure consistent, fair and accurate enforcement of prerequisites throughout the University. Banner-enforced PreReq Check will prevent a student from registering for courses with prerequisites that he or she has not satisfied or for which the student is not currently enrolled. Students are advised to review the prerequisites of courses they plan to take in the spring (see Course Descriptions). For those students who completed a prerequisite course at another institution, be sure to check that the credit appears on your VCU record; otherwise, the PreReq Check will prevent you from registering for the next course. If you find that prerequisite courses are not showing up on your transcript, immediately contact the Transfer Center (Hibbs, 223; Email: transferinfo@vcu.edu; telephone: (804) 827-1349). The Transfer Center will confirm that they have received a transcript from the other institution and, if necessary and appropriate, update your record.

Trying to Register for HUMS 202?

If you tried to register for HUMS 202 early on October 31, 2011, you likely got an error message saying you did not have the necessary prerequisistes for the course. However, there are no explicit prerequisites for this HUMS 202. The system should now be fixed so you can register.
If you have further problems registering for the course, please email Fai Howard (howardfr@vcu.edu) with your V-Number and the CRN you need to request an override.

October 28, 2011

October 27, 2011

Another Berglund Option: Grave Robbing, Goblins and Ghouls: Anatomical Education in 19th Century Richmond

VCU Libraries presents “Grave Robbing, Goblins and Ghouls: Anatomical Education in 19th Century Richmond,” a lecture about Richmond’s anatomy education in the past and a brief walking tour highlighting grave robbing and ghost stories of the MCV Campus. The event will take place on Monday, Oct. 31, from 4 to 5 p.m. in the Egyptian Building, Baruch Auditorium and will be included as a Berglund Seminar. Students should see Honor College student rep, Maya Shende, at the event to get their passports stamped.
For more information and to register, visit http://www.library.vcu.edu/events/.

Spit for Science Seeking Research Assistants for Honors Credit this Spring!

This fall VCU launched Spit for Science: the VCU Student Survey (www.spit4science.vcu.edu), a project that will follow the current freshman class across their college years, and enroll new freshman classes over the next few years. The goal of the project is to understand how genetic and environmental factors come together to influence a variety of health-related outcomes in the VCU undergraduate population. A big focus is on substance use and emotional health problems, such as depression, since the life stage that college students are entering is a high risk period for the onset of these problems. We’re currently looking for students to be a part of the research team for Spring 2012. Research assistants will be involved in recruitment, marketing, data collection and analysis, and other research activities. Students will work in teams to develop research questions and analyze Spit for Science data. Weekly meetings will be held with different faculty involved in the project where students will review research papers and learn about topics related to the goals of the research. There are no prerequisites required to apply to be part of the team. Students at all class levels are welcome to apply. To apply, please complete the form attached to this email and return to Dr. Jessica Salvatore at jesalvatore@vcu.edu. Inquiries or questions can also be directed to Dr. Salvatore. The application deadline is November 15, 2011. If you are selected as part of the team, you will be enrolled in an HONR 398 course for three credits in the Spring 2012 semester.
Application to be a Research Assistant for the VCU Student Survey Spring 2012.docx

October 24, 2011

Another Berglund Seminar Opportunity this Week!

Kate Agnelli, MSW, from HOME will be speaking to Dr. Smith-Mason’s class on housing discrimination and fair housing policies. Dr. Smith-Mason is permitting students to attend this class session to hear Ms. Agnelli so the session can be included as a Berglund Seminar.

Thursday, October 27th
2:00 pm
Room 1303