November 30, 2011

Honors Section of Abnormal Psych Available for Spring 2012

For those of you interested in taking a section of PSYC 407: Abnormal Psychology for Honors credit, one will be available in the Spring 2012 semester. The Psychology department plans to open this section in eServices this week. The course is not restricted to Psychology majors. The only pre-requisite is PCYC 101.

November 28, 2011

Research Assistant Needed!

Dr. Heather Jones is currently looking for highly motivated and responsible undergrads to be research assistants in her research lab. Dr. Jones is a clinical psychologist with the department of Psychology whose research focuses on the assessment and treatment of child mental health problems (you may remember her from the Berglund series). Research assistants would work in collaboration with Dr. Jones to carry out several research studies. Tasks may include attending lab meetings, participant recruitment, data entry, data analysis, collaborating on posters and/or manuscripts, and other administrative tasks.
You do not need to be a psychology major to apply. Your participation can be on a volunteer basis or you may be enrolled in PSYCH 494 for credit. Interested candidates should pick up an application available at the Honors College front desk and return the application to Dr. Jones’ mailbox by Thursday, December 1.

Trying to Take 2 Honors Modules? You Can!

Taking two Honors modules in the same semester is absolutely possible- it just requires a little help from your Honors adviser!
If you’re attempting to sign up for two Honors modules, eServices will give you an error message. This is because all Honors modules are listed as HONR 399 courses so eServices “thinks” you’re trying to sign up for the same course twice. However, as long as there is no time conflict and the class has space, your Honors adviser will be happy to override you into the second HONR 399 course you’re seeking. Please send an email to your adviser with your Name, V-Number, and the CRN for the HONR 399 course you’d like to take, and your adviser will get you registered.

Honors College Idea Exchange Meeting!

Honors College Idea Exchange Meeting
Come out and join HCIE this upcoming Wednesday, November 30th at 9PM West Grace Rm. 1303 to discuss our coming initiatives, social events, and t-shirts! It is important that all members show up to the next meeting!

November 22, 2011

The Rams Community Bazaar

Please review the following update from Rams Community Bazaar president (and Honors student!), Brady Rall:
“The Rams Community Bazaar (RCB) is a new student organization at VCU! Our goal is to provide a haven for economic and cultural exchange that appeals not only to the VCU community, but those in the greater Richmond area. Our mission is to establish a regular food and crafts market right on campus. We are inviting students who would like to create and sell their own goods, set up information booths, display or sell their art, perform music, market their fashion designs or simply just shop, to join us at the RCB. The RCB will be an on-campus destination for fresh, local food. Local farms, bakers, and urban growers will have the opportunity to sell within the VCU community. The Rams Community Bazaar is an environment built on the core values of Community, Charity, Collaboration, and Commerce.
We have launched our efforts full force to build our organization. We are working with the administration to solidify a regular space on the Monroe Park campus. With our sights set on to start in the spring, we are spreading the word to garner involvement from the entire community. We want to help build the positive culture that is forming around VCU. We identify with the values of community engagement, sustainability, and service learning that VCU has emphasized for the future of the University. Our main goal for The Rams Community Bazaar is to become a staple in community, and contributes to the VCU tradition and pride.
We are avidly looking for students and faculty interested in helping organize the market, selling at the market, or simply want to express their opinions. Feedback is greatly appreciated! We can be found at the student organizations website at VCU, MYORGS@VCU. We encourage everyone to follow our progress on twitter @RBazaar. For all inquiries of support, or to become a vendor, please e-mail our president, Brady Rall, at”