March 30, 2012

Taking POLI/INTL 365? Make sure it’s the HONORS section!

As explained on our website, students must take the honors section of POLI/INTL 365 to satisfy the honors core curriculum. As a reminder, an honors course will contain the word “honors” in the title and is designated with a 7XX section number. If you have questions about honors sections, please contact your adviser. The following is an excerpt from the “Honors Course Work” section of our website:
The honors core curriculum consists of the following courses
HONR 200 Rhetoric
ENGL 295 Reading and Writing of Poetry and Fiction
MATH 230 Mathematics in Civilization
PHIL 230 Reason, Science and the Self
PHYS 215 Science, Technology and Society
POLI 365 International Political Economy (honors section)

Looking for an Honors Course for Summer or Fall 2012?

Registration for Honors students has begun! If you are still looking for an honors class to take, there are several Honors electives with space available.
For the Summer, these include:

  • HONR 399: From Guttenberg to Twitter
  • HONR 399: Exploring Alcohol’s Place in the College Experience
  • HONR 200: Rhetoric (to substitute UNIV 200)

For the Fall, open courses include:

  • HONR 399: Think Like a Mathematician
  • HONR 399: Presidential Greatness
  • HONR 399: HIV in Africa
  • SCTS 301: Illness Narratives

The Summer 2012 and Fall 2012 classes have been posted in eServices and students are encouraged to check eSevices frequently as the schedule is subject to change. New honors courses and modules have been added, including a change to the Summer 2012 modules, so please visit the Honors website for more details. Also be sure to check for holds on your account and contact the appropriate department to inquire about getting the hold removed.

March 29, 2012

School of Social Work – Fulbright Information Session

Attention Social Work graduate students, graduating seniors and juniors who will graduate by August 2013. If you are interested in studying, researching, or teaching English abroad in 2013-2014, you should plan to attend a Fulbright information session in the School of Social Work on Monday, April 2, at 5pm in the Raleigh Building (1001 W. Franklin St.), Conference Room #001. Jeff Wing, Director of the National Scholarship Office will be giving an overview of the Fulbright Student Scholarship program and answering questions about possible applications. For more information please visit or email First and second year undergrads are welcome to come learn about Fulbright as well, so they can start planning their own application strategies.

March 28, 2012

Attention August Grads!

If you are planing to graduate in August 2012, your dossier is due by midnight on Sunday, April 1! Information on the dossier can be found here. Be sure to FOLLOW DIRECTIONS and remember the tips given at the dossier workshops.
If you’ve already submitted a dossier with the May 2012 graduates, you do not need to resubmit. If there are any important changes to your dossier, however, please be sure to contact Ms. Homer.

Pre-Requisite Problems?

Although the Honors College cannot override students into full classes, we may be able to assist you if you are unable to get into a class because the system is not recognizing your pre-requisites.
The most common problem is the UNIV 200 pre-requisite. Completing HONR 200 and ENGL 295 successfully does satisfy UNIV 111, 112, and 200 but the system may not be catching this. If you’re are trying to get into PHIL 213 or the Honors elective, “Illness Narratives,” and are experiencing this problem, please contact your honors adviser for assistance in registering. For any other problems related to the UNIV 200 pre-requisite, please contact the department through which the course is taught.