July 18, 2013

Women, War and Peace Conference at VCU! An opportunity to learn about efforts in French West Africa and earn Berglund credit

The Honors College is pleased to co-sponsor the 2013 Women, War and Peace Conference.   This conference grew out of the partnership between VCU, the Richmond Sister Cities Commission, Virginia Friends of Mali, and the Richmond Peace Education Center.  VCU School of World Studies faculty Dr. Patricia Cummings and Dr. Robin Poulton began to spread information and understanding about the peace efforts surrounding conflicts in French West Africa.  The 2013 Peace Conference has educational, cultural, and humanitarian goals. Those attending will learn about the issues that have led to conflicts and the opportunities to transform them through civil societies across West Africa, North Africa, and beyond. Hosted by Virginia Commonwealth University, the conference will address these conflicts and the gender issues that result. The program begins on Friday September 20 and continues through Saturday, September 21. Visit the Program Itinerary page to learn details of the conference schedule. 

The conference will feature several films followed by short discussions. Workshops targeting varied audiences will alternate with panels of scholars who address a variety of specific issues. All events, unless otherwise indicated, will take place in the Virginia Commonwealth University Student Commons, as detailed in the Program overview. 

The Honors College has partnered with the Conference on Women, War, and Peace to include their conference events in Berglund Seminar Series.   For a complete list of events, please visit their website: http://www.vcupeace.net/ *Note: Ceremonies and receptions cannot be counted for Berglund credit.  ONLY ONE STAMP CAN BE GIVEN FOR CONFERENCE ATTENDANCE, REGARDLESS OF HOW MANY CONFERENCE PRESENTATIONS YOU ATTEND. For example, you may attend three presentations that weekend, but the Honors College will award ONE stamp. There will be an opportunity to get your passport stamped after each screening/discussion/presentation but if there is already a stamp on the passport from this conference, another will not be given.  Registration is required in advance through their website and admission is free with a VCU ID.

July 9, 2013

Recent Graduates – VA21 Fellowship Position

Want to work on the cutting edge of politics and public policy in Virginia? Virginia21, the Commonwealth’s first generational advocate for young voters, is currently seeking applicants for a new VA21 Fellowship position. The fellow will organize and support the activities of graduates of the new VA21 Summer Leadership Institute (SLI). The position lasts nine months and is ideal for a recent college graduate looking to get involved in politics and/or Virginia government.

For more details  visit our website at virginia21.org/about-us/fellowship/

Get Acquainted with Degree Works

As you may know, the Degree Evaluation in eServices is being replaced with Degree Works.  Degree Works is a new system that provides users with many more functions.  Users can now keep track of their honors requirements, identify exactly which classes are still needed for a major or minor, and use the “what if” function to show what their task list would look like if they were to change majors, add a minor, etc.  Please visit the Degree Works page for more information including video tutorials.

July 3, 2013

Thinking About Switching Your Major to Business?

The School of Business is excited to offer prospective business majors “change of major orientation” sessions this fall. The purpose is to inform prospective business students about the requirements and to declare their business major that day if they’d like.  This is an excellent alternative to individual appointments with Business advisors as students will benefit from hearing other students’ questions as well.
The first date will be  Tuesday, August 27 at 3pm (location: TBA).  Students will be able to get the information without necessarily committing to the major right away.  For more information, please contact Ms. Amanda James.