Girl Effect at VCU Presents: “A Path to Education”

Girl Effect at VCU will present a seminar event, titled “A Path to Education,” on Tuesday, November 19 from 7-9 p.m. in the Forum Room of the VCU Student Commons. GE@VCU has invited speakers from the Richmond and VCU communities for an evening focused on raising awareness for the problems girls and boys face when trying to get an education, abroad and at home. Topics will include human trafficking, low income-high violence communities and possible solutions for these obstacles. There will be time after the speeches for discussion and desserts.

Girl Effect at VCU is a service organization dedicated to finding ways to give girls in developing nations access to education to help raise standards of equality and reduce poverty, and actively engaging the VCU and Richmond communities to promote education for youth in the surrounding area.

Join GE@VCU for an evening of knowledge-sharing, critical debate and desserts.



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