March 31, 2014

Space Available in Honors Elective Courses, Including Honors Art Courses

Need an Art Class?
Both the Summer 2014 HONR 399 course, “Intro to Drawing” and the Fall 2014 HONR 398 class, “Privacy in Networked Society:Surveilling Solutions” are taught in association with the School of Arts and will therefore count as an art credit for those in the College of Humanities and Sciences.
Space Available in Honors Elective Courses
There are still plenty of seats open in honors elective courses and honors sections of existing classes.  Seats are open in Art of the Narrative, Privacy in Networked Society:Surveilling Solutions, History of Richmond in 50 Objects, and Sustainable Societies, and Leadership. There are also seats available in honors sections of MASC 101, MATH 201, STAT 210, FIRE 311, CHEM 101, ECON 491, ACCT 203, and ARTH 103.

SAVES Seeks a Trans* Student to Participate in a Short Film on Consent

SAVES, Sexual Assault and Violence Education by Students, is in the process of producing a short film on consent that will be shown during orientation and ongoing violence prevention educational programs.  The film will feature students acting out brief models of asking for consent, in a healthy way.  The film will also describe VCU’s policy of “informed, knowing and voluntary” from a student perspective.  SAVES is seeking a trans* actor to act in one of the brief scenes.  If you are interested, please contact Tammi Slovinsky by April

New to the Honors College and Interested in Taking HONR 200?

If you were recently admitted to the Honors College as a continuing or transfer students (meaning you did not enter the HC straight from high school), you may be interested in taking HONR 200 instead of UNIV 200.  Upperclassmen who have completed UNIV 111 and UNIV 112 are encouraged to take the HONR 200 section offered this summer to start earning honors credit.  This section of the class is taught partially online and is open to rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors.

Upperclassmen may also request to be placed in the Fall 2014 section of HONR 200 but must contact Ms. Homer to make this request.  HONR 200 is required of all incoming freshmen so the Honors College must get the Fall 2014 freshmen registered first.  After the freshmen are registered, Ms. Homer will register those upperclassmen who have requested a seat, based on space available.  If you would like to be placed on the waitlist for a Fall 2014 section of HONR 200, please email Ms. Homer (homermk@vcu.ed) with your V-Number and your first and second choice of CRNs.  Students making this request are advised to register for a section of UNIV 200 in the meantime, which can later be dropped once a seat in HONR 200 is secured.

Please contact your honors advisor with questions.



Emerging Healthcare Leaders 2014 Inaugural National Conference

Emerging Healthcare Leaders 2014 Inaugural National Conference
We want YOU to join us in this inspiring and engaging opportunity!
EHL National is holding their first national conference on April 4th and 5th here at VCU!
Friday will be our 3rd annual “A Healthcare Journey”, a panel and Q&A session in which you will be able to meet the deans of admissions from the schools of Medicine, Allied Health, Nursing, Pharmacy, & Dentistry from VCU.
Saturday will include a series of workshops on professional development and leadership with prominent speakers from all different backgrounds in the health field, including Dr. Boyn, the head of the School of Engineering with research in Biomedical Engineering.
This is an excellent networking and learning opportunity for all pre-health students as it will allow them to meet healthcare professionals and other students across the country, learn about the national health-related issues of today, and make promising connections for the future.
Main points:
-Meet one-on-one meet with admissions deans from professional health schools
-Learn about current issues regarding the health field
-Make connections!
-Its a national conference, what else could you ask for?
-Dinner & Lunch provided!

 National EHL Conference Flyer

The link for registration is ($10). You click event registration, fill out the name information, and then it takes you to paypal.
*Dress is business attire

March 27, 2014

2014-2015 Graduate School Mentorship Program

2014-2015 Graduate School Mentorship Program Announcement and Call for Applications

The Graduate School is pleased to announce a call for application to the 2014-2015 Graduate School Mentorship Program (GSMP). The GSMP matches undergraduate and graduate students in mentoring relationships in order to expose undergraduate students to the graduate experience as they consider further study and to provide graduate students with the opportunity to develop mentoring skills as they share their own personal experiences with the undergraduate students in the program. Students are matched based on areas of academic discipline and/or interest. Students interested in being matched with a specific student must both indicate this preference on their applications.

Graduate Student Mentor Applicants:

In order to qualify, graduate students must be at least second-year and be in good academic standing. Interested graduate students should access the application via the GSMP website: Mentor applicants are required to attend an interview, and will sign up for the interview session of choice on the application form.

Undergraduate Student Mentee Applicants:
Preference is given to applicants going into their sophomore, junior or senior years. Undergraduates are expected to maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0 throughout the duration of the program. Interested undergraduate students should access the application via the GSMP website: Mentee applicants are required to attend an information session, and will sign up for the information session of choice on the application form.


4:00 p.m. on April 11, 2014.

Applications are available on the GSMP website: