February 13, 2015

Reminder: Exciting Changes to the Honors Curriculum

Remember this email announcement from Fall 2014..?

As you begin to prepare your schedules, some of you may be concerned about fitting in the honors core classes (MATH 230, PHYS 215, PHIL 230, honors POLI/INTL 365).  But we have good news!  The Honors College has decided to accept honors sections of Tier II courses in place of the corresponding honors core courses.  This means that if you took (or plan to take) an honors section of a Tier II course such as honors MATH 200, for example, you are not required to take MATH 230.  It is our hope that this will result in less pressure on the honors core classes and will allow you greater flexibility.

Questions you might have….
Where do I find a list of Tier II courses?

Please see your bulletin for a complete list of Tier II courses or click here for this bulletin year’s copy.

What if I have IB/AP or Dual Enrollment for a Tier II course?

Although many of you entered VCU with AP/IB or dual enrollment credit for a Tier II course, these cannot be considered acceptable substitutions for the honors core since they were not honors experiences.
Do I have to fill out a form or any kind of paper to take advantage of this policy?
Nope- this will be done automatically.  The Honors College will submit substitution-waiver forms for anyone who completed an honors Tier II course in place of an honors core course and you will eventually see this reflected in Degree Works after a grade for that class has posted.
What if I converted  a Tier II course into honors through the non-honors-to-honors course contract option?
Currently, we are unable to accept contracted courses as acceptable substitutions to the honors core curriculum. The Tier II course must have been completed as an honors section or variant.

The Honors College is pleased to continue this policy and to welcome an additional honors Tier II course to the menu!  Current honors sections of Tier II courses for Fall 2015 include honors PHIL 201 (an appropriate substitution for PHIL 230) and honors STAT 210 (an appropriate substitution for MATH 230).  Please remember that this is subject to change and any additions or changes will be reflected in eServices on on the Honors College website. Contact your honors advisor with questions.



February 6, 2015

Sign Up for Email Comfirmations of Berglund Attendance

The Honors College is now tracking Berglund attendance using your VCU ID but you are encouraged to keep your own records as well.  The VCUCard Office now offers instant alerts for many types of card activity, including tracking your swipes at a Berglund event!  This is a great way to keep track of your own Berglund attendance.  Just sign up on their website and you’ll be alerted via email for any Berglund event where your card was swiped using the mobile card reader.  Students are strongly encouraged to sign up for this service.  Details can be found here.

o   Under “Instant alerts,” you can select notifications for a variety of card activity.

o   To get confirmation of your Berglund attendance, select “Mobile receipts.”

o   We recommend selecting the email option so you could easily store and forward the confirmation if the need arises.


Problems signing up?

Signing up for email confirmations tends work better when using the VCU network (as opposed to your home network off campus).  If you are having trouble signing up, clear your history and cache in their browser (IE, Firefox, and/or chrome) and try again.  If you continue to have problems, you may need to check your eID and password with the Technology Services help desk.  If problems persist, you may also contact the VCUCard Office.

February 3, 2015

Honors Summer Undergraduate Research Program: 2015 Application Now Open!

Every year, the Honors College asks faculty mentors from both the Monroe Park and Medical Campuses to submit proposals for research projects to be completed with undergraduate researchers during the summer. Accepted proposals are posted on our website, and Honors students may apply for a position with up to three faculty members. After interviewing successful applicants, each mentor chooses their #1 student, who is brought to campus during the summer and paid a stipend to complete the proposed project.

This program is only open to active members of the VCU Honors College, and there is no restriction on year (meaning Freshman are eligible to apply). This year’s Honors Summer Undergraduate Research Program (HSURP) will run May 28 to July 24, 2015. You must be available for the duration of the program, including workshops and social activities. For more details on specific requirements and to view this year’s projects, visit honors.vcu.edu/research/ugradprogram/index.html.

Applications are accepted online until midnight on March 8. Click here to apply. Late applications will not be accepted.


February 2, 2015

Diversity Leadership Luncheon Series for Pre-Health Students!

This semester, students on the Monroe Park campus have a unique opportunity to expand their capacity to foster inclusive environments here at VCU.  Please join the Division for Health Sciences Diversity in encouraging undergraduate students to be a part of the Diversity Leadership Luncheon Series, HumanCare: Humanity vs. Healthcare, facilitated by Lecturer in Residence, Yewande Austin.
FEB 4, 18, & 25; MARCH 4 & 18APRIL 1 & 15 from 12:00-1:00PM in the Commons (see website for exact locations)
The objective of this lecture series is to prepare pre-health students for academic and professional success by opening conversations about discrimination and micro-aggressions that often interfere with students’ academic experience.  Topics range from conflict resolution, ethical practice, religious diversity, and gender identification- all explored through a healthcare lens.
*Students who attend 5 of the 7 luncheons will earn a Certificate of Achievement in Diversity Leadership presented by the Office of the Senior Vice President for Health Sciences at the closing luncheon on April 22 from noon-1PM in the Commons, Forum Room.

We encourage the entire VCU community, students, faculty, and staff alike, to attend the Town Hall Forum facilitated by Yewande Austin on Feb. 9th in partnership with VCU Office of Multicultural Student Affairs:

Blurred Lines: Race, Gender and Culture at VCU

MONDAY, FEB 9 in the Commons Theater 4:30-6:30PM

Please share these valuable opportunities with your student networks and check out the full schedule of events online.