April 18, 2016

Only Two Weeks Left in the Berglund Series!

Don’t Forget to get your Third Seminar Completed by the End of the Semester!

Although Berglund Review has ended, students will want to make sure and complete their third seminar by the end of the semester in order to be ready for Berglund Review in the Fall, at which time we will look for 3 Spring 2016 seminars in addition to 2 Fall 2016 seminars as part of the evaluation. Questions about Berglunds? Please contact Ms. Homer (homermk@vcu.edu).

March 21, 2016

March 14, 2016

March 7, 2016

Berglund Review has Passed

As part of the requirements to stay active in the Honors College, students must attend three seminars per semester.  Berglund Review is conducted each semester to verify that students attended three seminars in the previous semester and at least two, so far, for the current semester.  Those students who completed the Berglund Review google form by 5pm on March 4 are being considered for active status.  Late submissions are not being considered.  One of the benefits of being active is registering on March 29th vesus the standard honors registration date of March 31st.  See Ms. Homer’s email or click here for more details.


February 29, 2016

Important Message about Berglunds

As a reminder, please keep in mind that most Berglunds scheduled here in the Honors College are likely to last a full hour.  Do not assume they will last 50 minutes; this is why the start time and end time are posted on the HC website.  Although it is sometimes permissible to leave during the Q&A portion of a seminar, you cannot expect to leave a presentation early and receive Berglund credit.  In addition, students are not permitted to use any electronic devices including laptops during the seminars.  Speakers are guests of the Honors COllege who have volunteered their time and deserve your full attention.  Using an electronic device during a seminar may result in your losing credit for attending.

February 24, 2016

More information from Troy Spier’s Berglund Seminar: Exploring the Global Refugee Crisis: Polygenesis, Management, and Resettlement

Interested in Troy Spier’s Berglund seminar, but couldn’t attend? Here is the presentation: Troy Spier – Berglund Seminar.

The link to the FAQ handout can be found here.

Also, he will be holding a screening of a documentary on the refugees’ journey through Europe at Kutztown University in mid-March.  KU Flyer

A short eight-minute documentary was put together by two undergraduate students at the University of the Aegean, which showcases some scenes from Lesvos Island, and that can be found here.

For any students who would like to establish a Virginia-based effort to share information about the crisis and assist in resettlement should feel free to send Troy an email personally (tspier@tulane.edu).