Hospital Medicine 15 — an exciting offer for residents!!!

Happy New Year, all! I wanted to share with you a great way to fulfill your new year’s resolution to join SHM this year…

The SHM National Conference (HM’15) is going to be held in Washington, DC at the National Harbor from March 29 – April 1. This year, they will have a special resident track with programs designed specifically for the trainee in mind! Things like career guidance, CV writing, mentorship and time management.

From the website:

Special Programming for Residents Includes:

  • Research, Innovations and Clinical Vignettes (RIV) Scientific Abstract Competition showcasing emerging science, innovative approaches to care and novel clinical cases. Poster, plenary and oral presenters chosen from the abstract submissions will present on-site at HM15.
  • NEW! Trainee Award category for resident and student authors to achieve further recognition for their work within each category.
  • NEW! Career Fair – Meet staffing companies and recruiters during the Poster Competition.
  • Invitation to Special Luncheon for Medical Students and Residents – Network and learn about the field of hospital medicine, career and hiring trends, and resources.
  • NEW! One-Day Educational Track Focusing on Physicians in Training featuring the following sessions:
    • How to Stand Out: Being the Best Applicant You Can Be
    • Career Pathways in Hospital Medicine: Getting to Your Ideal Job
    • Getting to the Top of the Pile: Writing Your CV
    • Quality and Safety for Residents and Students
    • Time Management
    • Making the Most of Your Mentoring Relationships
  • Connect with other HM15 resident attendees before, during and after the meeting.
    • Join the conversation on the Hospital Medicine Exchange (HMX), the online community for hospitalists and those interested in hospital medicine, where you can discuss any and all aspects of medical school and residency in the “Next Generation,” a forum exclusively for future hospital medicine physicians.

Here’s for the exciting part — register for the conference and you will get a free membership for SHM for one year…

Here’s a link with more information:
I would love to see you guys there!

“Crafting Your Hospitalist Career” contact info

Thanks to all who came and participated in our panel discussion about hospitalist career choices held during the pathway conference on Dec 2, 2014. If anyone is interested in contacting any of our panel guests, their names, respective hospitals and emails are listed below:

Clay Beveridge, MD; St. Francis Hospital;

Alan Dow, MD; VCUHS;

Randy Ferrance, MD; Riverside Tappahanock Hospital;

Reena Hemrajani, MD; VCUHS;

Brett Montgomery, MD; Chippenham Hospital;

Heather Masters, MD; VCUHS;

Laura Paletta-Hobbs, MD; VCUHS;


QI Friday October 10, 2014

Join us this Friday October 10, 2014 from 12:00-1:00pm in The Learning Center (right across from the cafeteria) for our Hospitalist QI Friday. Dr. Michelle Brooks will be delving into the science behind structured handoffs.  Be there or be square!


Hospitalist Transition to Practice Rotation – INPUT NEEDED

Hello future hospitalists –

Laura here.  Dr. Kim Pedram and I are the rotation leads for the VCU Hospitalist Rotation. We are committed to developing a great rotation that will prepare you for your future career, but in order to do that, I need your help!

I am really interested in figuring out what your needs are so that we can help you with your transition to being a practicing hospitalist.  The hospitalist rotation is much more than your usual ward rotations; on your transition to practice rotation you will have the opportunity to work with Advanced Practice Providers (NPs/PAs), independently round on a full panel of patients, learn more about billing and coding (with an opportunity to practice billing), and learn more about CME and business of medicine topics.

I am trying to figure out the best way to do my targeted needs assessment.  I was initially going to have you comment on this blog, but I’m thinking a short survey might be a better way to collect the information.  In the meantime, I want you to ponder some questions:

1) What topics do you feel are important to learn prior to being a hospitalist?

2) What worries you most about starting a job as a hospitalist?

3) What do hope to accomplish on your hospitalist rotations?

4) How comfortable do you feel with billing and the proper documentation to bill?  Do you get lectures or training in this topic?

5) How much do you know about inpatient criteria and throughput?  How comfortable are you working with the ED with requests for admission and throughput concerns?

6) How comfortable do you feel with discharge process and coordination of care issues?

7) How comfortable are you independently seeing patients?

… I think that is enough of a teaser.  Be on the lookout for an email from me about this.  Answering the survey of course is completely voluntary, but the answers you provide will help us to give you the best educational experience.

Thanks, guys!  – LPH

What do you want to do?

Two interesting articles discussing career choices in hospitalist medicine.

Ratelle JT1, Dupras DM, Alguire P, Masters P, Weissman A, West CP. Hospitalist career decisions among internal medicine residents. JGIM. 2014 Jul; 29(7):1026-30.

Arora, V, Fang M, Kripalani S, Amin A. Preparing for “Diastole”: Advanced Training Opportunities for Academic Hospitalists. JHM. 2006 Nov-Dec 1(6): 368-377.



Mentor-Mentee info

Thanks for all who attending our first Hospitalist Pathway Conference, and thanks to Dr. Wally Smith for inspirational advice on shaping your career.  For those interested, I have added the presentation on “How to Be a Mentee/Mentor”. Interesting fact- although the idea of a mentor is characteristically male, in Greek mythology, Mentor was actually the Goddess Athena!

How to be a Mentee-Mentor

Hello Future Hospitalists!

Welcome to the VCU Internal Medicine Residency Hospitalist Pathway blog! Here you will find information useful to you for all things regarding training to be a hospitalist- useful links, power point presentations on core hospitalist info, hospitalist-based interesting articles, etc. If you’d like to see something discussed, please comment on the blog. This is a community forum to enhance your learning. Enjoy!