Foreign Policy and Border Security


The controversial Predator drone
The controversial Predator drone 








Predator Drones– This article examines the use of the Predator drone and it’s implications on foreign policy.

The US-Canada border
The US-Canada border








US-Canadian border-This article examines changes made to the US-Canadian border post 9/11.

body scanner







Above- Full body scanner

Profiling-An article that analyzes the implications of profiling on airport security.

border traffic








Above-Congestion at the US-Mexico Border

Terrorist Crossing US-Mexico Border-An article that mathematically breaks down the possibility of a terrorist crossing into the US via US-Mexico border and analyzes possible tactics to reduce this risk.

Example of biometric security
Example of biometric security








Biometric border cost-A brief article that examines some of the potential costs of  implementing biometrics at borders.








Visa Diplomacy vs. Visa Security– An article that discusses the need to transition all visa responsibilities to the DHS instead of the current system in which DOS is also involved.











CBP– CBP has stated they will need over 3,000 new boarder patrol agents to help speed the flow of traffic through the boarder.









New Requirements for a New Challenge- The Military’s Role in Border Security– This article discusses the potential uses for military forces on the border.

Border Shooting






Securing the United States-Mexico Border- An On-Going Dilemma– This article talks about the growing problem of border security, and suggests ways to address it both effectively and efficiently.








TSA– As the number of airline passengers continues to increase, the TSA must find new ways to improve the flow of passengers.


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