Three CHSE special- Evaluating Impact of Medical Simulation to Patient Outcomes, Translational Science?

3 up for CHSE and 3 certified — I’d like to think of myself as a nice Brie cheese perhaps….

Anyhow –  we started talking about this last week:


From McGaghie et al – Translational Medicine, February 2010, Vol2, issue 9

——————————–                T1                                         T2                                   T3

increased/improved    KSA, profesionalism          Patient Care                     Patient outcomes


Target                            Individ. And teams          Individ. And teams             Individ. & public health


Setting:                           simulation Lab                 clinic and bedside              clinic and community

Other views:

Kirkpatrick  Reaction/Learning Behavior  Results
Gaba So you taught them something, can they do it when you give them the simulation? You taught them something in simulation, when they go out on the wards, do they really do it – the way you taught them?Ability to measure this.. Does it really change patient outcome?Does it save money?

Just because you show something works in one study, does it mean it can be disseminated and it can be done by others?

Does it really change the outcome of populations as a whole to do these things?