Basic Teaching Skills, December 2016

Concluding the Fall 2016 Professional Development Workshop Series, Drs. Constance Tucker and Kenneth Warren Foster presented an interactive session focusing on instructional technologies and engaged learning activities for pre/clinical educators.  The slides and resources are listed below:

PollEverywhere (free, if less than 40 participants)
DirectPoll (multiple choice only, allows more than 40 participants)
VCU SOM Clinical Educator Training
Lynda Training
Google Drive (Docs, Slides Forms, etc.)

MEDtube – Peer-reviewed medical and surgical videos
Biology & medicine videos – Narrated medical illustrative animations
Figure1 – Online community of real case images

Note: This was an interactive workshop that included rich discussion and peer engagement. Session learning objectives are not fully conveyed from the slides alone.  If you have specific questions about an instructional tool or strategy, please contact La’tisha Roberson ( to set up an individual consultation.

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