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VCU School of Medicine faculty opinions highlighted in New England Journal of Medicine essays

Two Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine faculty members, Richard Wenzel, MD, MSc and Alan Dow, MD, MSHA, were published in the New England Journal of Medicine in August.  The NEJM is among the most prestigious peer-reviewed medical journals in the country and the oldest continuously published journal in the United States. Read more about it in VCU News.

Congratulations 2017 VCU Med Ed Symposium Winners!

On April 26, 2017, the VCU School of Medicine celebrated the scholarship of teaching and learning with 116 of your colleagues at the First Medical Education Symposium. Dr. Richard Hawkins presented a keynote on the importance of health system science in medical education and numerous innovations in the AMA medical education consortium. In addition, a […]

Dr. Chao Li, Twitter and Research

Often times discussions about social media and medicine result in conversations that have strong concerns about privacy and professionalism.   However, Dr. Chao Li, Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine, discovered that the appropriate and frequent use of these new technologies can result in broader grant awareness, connected learning with experts, and unique professional development opportunities for […]

Dr. Alex Meredith flips gross anatomy

Dr. M. Alex Meredith, Professor of Anatomy and Neurobiology, has been integral in leading the innovative course redesign of gross anatomy in VCU School of Medicine’s new curriculum.  He discusses how the course was previously taught, what changed and how the new ‘flipped’ model contributes to a more active, engaged and self-directed student learning experience. […]

Case-based learning in the new curriculum

Finding ways to effectively support first and second year medical students in applying their knowledge of basic science material to clinical scenarios can be challenging.    Most students at these levels will not yet have a deep well of information to draw from, but we know that there is value in enabling students to think […]

Dr. Peter Haar blends radiology into anatomy

Dr. Peter Haar, Assistant Professor of Radiology, oversees the M4 radiology elective rotation and uses digital media tools to craft a blended learning experience for several new M2 courses in the school’s revised curriculum.  With his interdisciplinary and innovative approach, gross anatomy at VCU School of Medicine now integrates concepts of radiologic anatomy and extends […]