Peer Coaching

The VCU School of Medicine Peer Coaching Program is a confidential and collaborative process that enables medical educators to reflect on practices, experiment with new instructional strategies (ie. flipped classroom, team-based learning), and discuss results with a trusted colleague.  The program’s goal is to encourage the development of new skills, build faculty relationships, and solve challenges related to medical education, while promoting a culture of collaboration, cooperation, and teaching excellence.  This program is NOT for the purpose of faculty evaluation is NOT intended to remediate or “fix” teachers.

Program Goals

At the end of the each peer coaching track, participants will be able to:

  1. Provide high yield feedback to faculty peers about their teaching
  2. Transfer training from workshops to the work/learning environment
  3. Engage in reflection in and on practice

The program is composed of two tracks: Teaching Triangles, for classroom and grand rounds teaching; and Teach the Walk, for clinical and bedside teaching (coming soon).

Teaching Triangles


Teach The Walk (coming soon)


Take a moment to explore the learning objectives and procedures for each program by selecting a track above.

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This program is grounded in practices described by Rudd, Nagler, and Crumley (2014):
Rudd M, Nagler A, Crumley H. Teaching triangles. MedEdPORTAL Publications. 2014;10:9966.