Case-based Learning, Dr. Cheryl Al-Mateen

Dr. Cheryl Al-Mateen – Associate Professor, Interim Medical Director of VTCC and Psychiatry Clerkship Director at VCU School of Medicine (SOM) shares her experience in the use of case-based learning (CBL) in the Physician, Patient and Society (PPS) longitudinal curriculum. This learning method enables students to practice the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to be a physician and to better understand the layers of their patients. Cases are essential in medical education and, in the VCU SOM curriculum, they are used to integrate the basic medical knowledge with more intricate principles such as ethics and professionalism.  Students are exposed to the CBL method early and learn patient management skills through application and discussion which helps to develop their skills in critical thinking, reflection, and self-direction.  Dr. Al-Mateen describes how she uses CBL to take student learning from pure didactics to in-depth interaction.

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