40 Issues for an Aging Society: A Guide for Students is Live!

</strong>Just in time for the fall semester, we have <strong>40 Issues for an Aging Society: A Guide for Students</strong>. This work introduces key issues affecting older persons and important challenges for the society. It’s available as a PDF (best bet is to use the link below and save it and then open it). It’s also available in the iBookstore for the iPad. The iPad version has more interactivity and includes short videos introducing many of the topics. Best news of all – both versions are FREE. Check it out. It’s the closest thing you’ll get to a free lunch today.

We give a little background on each of the 40 topics, and discuss the implications for the society. For most issues affecting older persons there’s a lot of information out there and we offer some websites to explore (links should be good for a few months – if they don’t work, try to Google the site). We also suggest some places for more research from academic sources where the student can obtain more scholarly information about the issue. Gerontology, as everything today, is about entrepreneurship and we present some brief thoughts on which business sectors may prove opportune for a career. The final section offers thoughts on policy and political controversies that may emerge around each of the issues.

The goal of the work is to help many people learn a bit more about older persons so that they can better work with elders to build a better society and  to assist those who need it. Enjoy. Let me know your thoughts.

PDF: 40 issues for an Aging Society: A Guide for Students