Monthly Archives: February 2009

Landon Jefferson—Success Story

Major: Interdisciplinary Studies (Psychology, Sociology, Criminal Justice, and Art Education)
Date of graduation: December 2008
Company: Dominion Youth Services
Job Title: Lead counselor
Type of position (co-op/internship/part-time/full-time): full time
Start Date- 1-29-09
How the Career Center helped you:
The college and career center helped prepare me in several ways for full time employment. Through this service, I gained a good working knowledge of what employers are looking for from potential employees. I learned how to effectively go through job posting and determine weather the job would be appropriate for my skill set. With the help of the college and career center, I was able to gain confidence during the interview process by having mock interviews. The time and dedication I put into this process directly correlated with the success I found when I began actively seeking full time employment.