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Sucess Story – Jessica Foussekis

Class Status: Senior
Major: Graphic Design
1. How did help you?
JeanetteKnowsJobs helped me because when it came to searching for internships, it was more difficult than I anticipated. I did lots of  searches and came up with either little to no responses. Luckily, I came my eyes on this site for the entire spring semester and found an 
internship and quickly applied. It was nice to have a website that was specifically looking for jobs/internships related to my field rather  than doing a lot of web searches and hunts around the Richmond area. Nevertheless, this site was very successful with helping me finding the 
internship I had at Dominion.
2. What did you do at your internship this summer?

At Dominion, I worked at the Technical Training Center in Chester,  VA. Here, I developed and revised graphics, layouts, animations, and  online courses for the faculty here. A lot of my skills that I’ve  learned in my department were used well here. My internship was focused 
more on instructional design which was a new aspect to design I’ve never  thought of. I’d create these images to convey clearer interpretations to what was being taught in the classroom.
3. What advice would you give to current students in your field of study?

or students in my field, I would definitely keep tabs on this website. I know how difficult it can be to look for internships related  to this field, but this site is definitely a huge help. Put yourself  (and your work out there) as much as possible. Keep an online portfolio 
and resume up and apply to everything you can. Do not be afraid to apply to an internship and/or job that you think you don’t have the required knowledge. These internships are here to help guide and teach you, so never be afraid to ask questions. The more you know, the better. But always have your information and your work available and always search 
for jobs. It’s always good to be early and on the look for what’s out there waiting.