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SUCCESS STORY: Andrea Manrique

Major/Minor: Interior Design/ Craft/Material

Graduation Date: May 2011

Company Name/Position Title: Science Museum of VA/ Design Intern

How the Career Center helped you along the way: 

Career Center (that means Jeanette) has become my best friend when it comes to
internship or job searching advice. The fact that she critiques my resume is
just the tip of the iceberg. Additionally, she has provided me with resources
to hone my interviewing skills, edited cover letters, and taught me how to
really analyze and cater to a company’s values. Very savvy, she has even given
me advice on social networking sites, for example, how to best use LinkedIn,
Twitter, and Tumblr to a professional advantage. And most recently, we have
started to discuss making contacts within a range of businesses, so that I will
have one foot in the door this spring when applying for jobs. Bottom line:
don’t underestimate what the Career Center can do for you.

Any insights that you have for current

Consider getting really serious about what
you do, and it will pay off. I have had so many opportunities open up because I
had time to go out and do things like volunteer at the VA Center for
Architecture and apply to team projects like the da Vinci Center for Innovation
in Product Development. If you can swing it, not working a part-time job may be
helpful in the long run. Additionally, it is really helpful to get involved in
professional associations early on in your academic career. Surprisingly to
some, it can actually be really cool. For example, last spring, the
International Interior Design Association took a bunch of students up to NYC
for a weekend for a big conference. Also, when applying for internships (you
really can’t skip this step), you should go and hand deliver your resume and
cover letters. That is advice I received through an alumni that I contacted on
LinkedIn, and it worked! I had a great experience with ADO Architecture Design
Office over the summer. I guess to sum it all up, an enthusiastic attitude can
really go a long way.


Major: Fashion Merchandising

Graduation Date: May 2011

Company Name/Position Title: Plato’s Closet Visual
Merchandising Supervisor/Intern

How the
Career Center helped you along the way:

My department chair informed me
about the job posting on Jeanette Knows Jobs, so I went to the blog and found
out how to apply! I’ve also practiced my interview skills with InterviewStream,
which really helped calm my nerves before any big interview!

Any insights that you have for current students

your field, and know what you do well! The night before my Plato’s Closet
interview I read up on current fashion trends, and it paid off because I had to
put together styles in order to get the internship! It also pays to know the
company background, and discuss in your cover letter or during your interview.