Communication Arts and The University Career Center – 09/16/10 @10 AM

Thank you all attending the special session today! In an effort to be more green, I have included links to all the helpful resources we went over in today’s session.


Developing a Professional is an Art presentation:

Communication Arts and the Career Center 2009 -2010.ppt 


Helpful Handouts:

Resume Writing for the Arts.pdf

Job Search Correspondence handout.pdf

Communication Art Majors.doc

University Career Center Services.pdf


Interview Stream:

1) View the Interview Stream demo 

will help you understand how the system works and help to prevent any mishaps
when you are recording your interview: 

View the Demo 


2) Create an account:

                a) Please
visit: (Select create new account)

                b) Fill out
the form with your VCU email address. If you list another account, your
interviews may not be able to be retrieved in the system.


3)Setting up and conducting a session:



Please call the Career Center to set up your Interview Stream
session with us. The kiosk is typically  available Monday through Friday
at the following times:








Please schedule two weeks in advance of your desired appointment

  • When you call the Career Center at (804)
    828-1645, please let them know that you would like to schedule an
    “Interview Stream appointment.”  
  • Then, tell them your days and times of
  • The desk will check the availability on our
    schedule and get you registered.



Please follow the instructions on the Interview Stream dashboard
to set up your interview. This process will also let you know if you have the
proper equipment. 


If you have any addition questions, please contact our
Administrator- Jeanette Waterman



1) Login to your account, go to: RamsRecruiting
login page


2) Enter in your username and password.

Start with the guest account: (username) vcuguest and (password)
guest until I get can get you entered in.


Format for username is your VCU email address minus the @ and .edu
(i.e, my email is; my username is ejwatermanvcu)

 Format for the password is your birth month and the last two
digits of your birth year (i.e, my birthday is 03/23/79; my password is 0379)


Please allow 48 hours for your account to be entered. 


**If you have specific questions on your username and password,
just email me at or call me
directly at 828-4846 and I will be happy to look it up for you.**


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