Monthly Archives: November 2010

SUCCESS STORY: Hannah Guthrie

Major: Photography

Graduation Date: December 2009

Company Name/Position Title: Anthropologie at Reston Town Centre, Apparel Department Manager

How the Career Center helped me: Being available!! the Career Center was never far away from my thoughts when I nearing my graduation date. They’re so helpful and kind.

Any insights that you have for current students: The future after you graduate can be a scary thing… I was lucky to have the job that I did, especially right now. Stay flexible, work as hard as you can and prove to your superiors that you are capable of bigger and better responsibilities.. They do pay attention to dedication and hard work!! I also would like to point out that you probably won’t find the dream job right out of college, stressing the FLEXIBLE part.

SUCCESS STORY: Fallon Zophy (formerly Fallon Williams)

Major: Photography

Graduation Date: May 2010

Company Name: Chesapeake Police
Department’s Investigations Bureau
Police Photographer

How the Career Center helped you along
the way:
With the help and insight of my career counselor Jeanette, I
was able to vastly improve the flow, content and aesthetic of my resume and
cover letter. Before my job interview, Jeanette answered several of my
questions, which in turn helped me make a great first impression on my

Any insights that you have
for current students:
Don’t hesitate to visit the Career Center to
have your resume critiqued. If at all possible, have your resume critiqued
before your start seriously job hunting. In retrospect I really wish I had
Jeanette look at my resume and cover letter before I left VCU rather than four
months after graduating while struggling to find a job. I probably could have
saved a lot of time and hassle if I had my resume critiqued before I started
applying for tons of jobs with my lackluster resume. Also, don’t neglect to
check the government website for individual cities. Each city has it’s own
government website where they post job listings, which is how I found my job.