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SUCCESS STORY: Rebeka Uliana

Major: Fashion Merchandising

Graduation Date: May 2011

Company Name/Position Title: Ten Thousand Villages /
Visual Merchandising Analyst

How the Career
Center helped you along the way:

An excellent resource, the
Career Center has helped me personally to obtain this internship and prepare
for future job searches.  This past
summer, upon discovering that the Career Center is free to VCU students, I made
an appointment with Ms. Jeanette Waterman. 
Jeanette guided me through the process of turning my pile of notes into
a resume.  We created one for a job I was
interested in at the time.  We then
refined that resume over time for other jobs and my current internship.  She patiently walked me through principles of
resume writing.  We qualified and
quantified my experience, varying verbs and applying industry-specific terms.  Through Jeanette’s steady guidance, I am
prepared to continually update a winning resume.  More importantly, this process has given me
an understanding of what crucial information is most important to communicate
to potential employers.

Any insights that
you have for current students:

Everything you do has
unforeseen potential.  Therefore, it is
advantageous in the long term to only involve yourself in things you can
passionately pursue.  I spent many hours
volunteering at Ten Thousand Villages without the intention of interning, yet
obtained my internship due in large part to my previous working relationship
with the staff when the opportunity materialized.  Because I purposefully involved myself
wholeheartedly on the Visual Merchandising Team, I was an attractive candidate
for the internship.  Do this, and the
quality of your work will always benefit your portfolio.  Also, the relationships you develop at your
current job will be valuable for future reference whether you grow with your company,
move to another one, or start your own. 
Lastly, you will always enjoy your work!!