Monthly Archives: October 2011

SUCCESS STORY: Rachel Topping

Major: Graphic Design, Minor: Spanish

Graduation Date: May 2011

Name/Title: (an AOL company) / Free-lance Graphic Designer

How the
career Center helped:
I learned a great deal about networking, thank you
letters, and gained bounds of confidence in selling myself to companies, and
being confident that my resume and cover letter were done well/reflective of my
work experience.

Advice: Do not be discouraged by the length/difficulty of the application
process. It’s a slow process, and you may receive a few no’s before the yes’s
come in. But continue searching / applying for positions, and you will find a
company that you are a great fit for. 

SUCCESS STORY: Katie Mangano

Major: Fashion Merchandising
Graduation Date: May 2012
Company Name/Position Title: Nordstrom sales intern
How Career Center Helped: They helped me to make my resume perfect before
applying for internships. That way, when I started applying places, I was
Insights: An internship is a great way to learn more about the industry
that you are planning on working in after graduation as well as helping you
decide what job you may want to pursue.  It also gives you hands-on experience
that you cannot learn in a classroom.  I think that having at least one
internship while in college is very beneficial.

SUCCESS STORY: Moria Pruefer

Major: Communication Arts minor in General Business

Graduation Date: Spring 2012

Company Name/ Position Title:

Workhouse Arts Center/ Graphics Design & Marketing

The Factory/ Screenprinting & Entrepreneurship Intern


How the Career Center Helped you along the way:

In the art/design industry having internship experience is a
must. Everyone recommends it, from professors to parents to professionals. The
most difficult part of finding a good internship, is in knowing where to look.
Jeanette explained to me that the process is a little different from my
assumption that someone else would find one for me or there would be an easy
database to search. She taught me that was more ideal to search the companies or
organizations in your area, to give them a call and ask if they had any
internship openings. It didn’t take me long afterward to find a lot of really
great opportunities. One of my most valuable experiences came from simply
emailing a store owner and offering to clean his screenprinting studio in
exchange for lessons about the screenprinting business. Instead he offered me a
job! Never leave a rock unturned, ask everyone you know and be willing put
yourself out there and take a chance.


Any insights for future students:

Interning can teach you more than you will ever learn in the
classroom. Embrace the opportunity to try out new things or explore an area that
you wouldn’t be able to otherwise. Keep an open mind and always be willing to
get involved with new projects. Always ask questions, remember that you are
there to make mistakes and learn!