Monthly Archives: January 2012

SUCCESS STORY: Karina Martinez

Major: Fashion

Graduation Date:
May 2012

Jill Stuart, PR Intern

How The University Career Center helped: The career
center reviewed my resume numerous times and I met with Jeanette to improve my
interview skills.

Advice: I would advise anyone trying to get
an internship to visit the career center to at least have your resume reviewed a
few times. My boss was hiring new interns at the end of the summer to replace
all of us leaving and she kept commenting that the resumes she received were
super unprofessional. Also, remember to bring an extra copy with you to the
interview, as you will not get hired if the interviewer has to print out your
resume during the interview. This also happened a few times and my boss was
very annoyed. Making contacts at your internship is also very important to build
your network