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Major: Communication Arts

May 11, 2012

Company Name/Position Title: I
currently do contract work for Westart Productions as a mobile video game artist
and monster designer, as well as freelancing.

How the
Career Center helped me:
The Career Center was a great resource for me. I
went there specifically for resume advice. When I brought the first version of
my resume for review, it was too long and not focused enough. I wrote it like I
would a resume for a desk job or more conventional business. Ms. Waterman helped
me tailor my resume to finding work in the art

Any insights that you have for current
Just like an artist’s portfolio, your resume is uniquely your own.
No one can write it for you – but you certainly don’t have to be alone in
the journey. The Career Center will help you finish important, necessary steps
to actualizing your dream job.