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NPS/NCPE Historic Preservation Internships Academic Year 2009-10

The National Park Service, in partnership with the National Council for Preservation Education, is announcing their historic preservation internships for Academic Year 2009-2010.  The program is designed to   allow students in historic preservation programs and allied disciplines   to gain an awareness of National Park Service cultural resource management activities and to provide an opportunity to work alongside professionals in the field of historic preservation.  A variety of positions in preservation and related fields are being offered at the
National Park Service and partnering agencies.
Attached you will find a copy of our announcement for the academic year positions.  I
The information will also be available on the Web site of the National Park Service at www.cr.nps.gov/hps/tps/hpit_p.htm and the National Council at www.preservenet.cornell.edu/employ/ncpe.html .  A downloadable application will be available from each site as well.  The deadline for applications is October 26, 2009.
Please note that this notice is for Academic Year 2009-2010 only.  A separate notice will be sent out and posted in January 2010 for Summer 2010 positions.

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