Service Pack 1, LANDesk@VCU website upgrade starts November 17 »

Please note that the upgrade has been rescheduled from Saturday 11/16 to Sunday 11/17 due to the Anthem Richmond Marathon on Saturday.

Service Pack 1 for LANDesk version 9.5 will be installed on the core servers on Sunday, November 17th, followed shortly thereafter by updates to all LANDesk client systems.  An additional patch will be deployed at this time to provide compatibility with Windows 8.1.  As always please be advised that there will be an increase in network traffic on your client systems while the updates are being applied.

Please remember that during the upgrade any running tasks will be stopped.  This includes agent and software deployment, patching, and imaging tasks.  Once the upgrade is complete, you will be able to restart your tasks.  We do not recommend running additional agent deployment tasks concurrently with the agent upgrade – please wait at least one week before starting any agent deployment tasks you may have, and make sure your tasks are deploying the updated SP1 agent.

If you are manually installing LANDesk agents on your devices, or using a non-LANDesk imaging process that deploys the agent, please remember to replace the existing self-contained agent installer with the new SP1 version.  Updated agent installers will be made available on the LANDesk@VCU website no later than Monday, November 18.

If you are a LANDesk console user you must update your console to the new version.  If you do not, you will receive a database version error and will not be able to connect to the core server(s) until you update the software.  Instructions for updating the console to SP1 will be posted on the LANDesk@VCU website under “Support” once the upgrade has begun.

Similar to the 9.5 upgrade, we will be providing weekly reports that list client systems that have not yet been updated.  The last day to receive the current 9.5 upgrade reports will be Monday, November 11.  We will begin sending Service Pack 1 upgrade reports starting Monday, December 2.

The New Stuff

Service Pack 1 enables several new enhancements to agent functionality, including Real-time Inventory and Monitoring, HTML-based remote control, and a more intelligent On-Demand Remote Control agent.

Real-time Inventory and Monitoring will be accessible via the LANDesk@VCU website under the system detail information.  Real-time Inventory and Monitoring allows technicians to view information about the client systems as it happens, as well as take control of system services and other functionality without the need to remote control the client.

HTML-based remote control offers a lightweight, browser-based method for connecting with remote clients.  Instead of having to download and install the LANDesk Remote Control viewer and depend on browser-based plugins or Active-X, the remote control session opens directly in a new browser window (or tab, if that’s your preference) and only requires a browser compatible with HTML5 standards.  In our testing, Internet Explorer version 9 was not fully compatible, and newer versions performed marginally better.  Because of this we recommend using Chrome, Firefox, or Safari for HTML-based remote control.

For Service Pack 1 the On-Demand Remote Control agent has been heavily customized to provide a more streamlined process for users requesting assistance.  The user still downloads and runs the agent from the LANDesk@VCU website, but once running, the agent will complete a diagnostic check and provide on-screen, easy-to-follow directions for starting the remote control session.

Website Updates

In addition to Service Pack 1 we are pleased to announce the release of version six of the LANDesk@VCU website.  The website has been moderately redesigned with better interactive elements and faster performance.  Redesigned device lists and search results will speed up the process of finding and diagnosing problems with your clients.  Client information has been reorganized and consolidated in some areas.  New diagnostics included in the remote control process, in addition to the new “intelligent” On-Demand agent, will help technicians by resolving a variety of problems encountered when attempting to provide remote support.

To ease into the redesigned site layout, a brief orientation/tutorial will be available for users when they log in, but can be permanently hidden if desired.  This orientation information will always be accessible via a new “Help” link on the main menu.  And, as always, we welcome your comments and feedback regarding the content and functionality of the website.  “We can’t make it better if we don’t know what needs to be improved.”



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