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“Prevent Cheating During Online Tests with LockDown Browser”
Respondus LockDown Browser is a custom browser used by hundreds of schools to lock down a computer during an online test. When using LockDown Browser, students can’t print, copy, visit other websites, or use other applications during an online test. This session will include an overview and demonstration of LockDown Browser. The session is 45 minutes, plus a Q&A period at the end.

“Instructor Training: Using the Respondus Test Bank Network to Quickly Create Exams”
Learn how to save time by creating online exams using official publisher test banks with Resondus 4.0. The session is 45 minutes, plus a Q&A period at the end.

“Instructor Training for LockDown Browser & Respondus Monitor: Prevent Cheating During Online Exams”
This comprehensive training webinar is intended for instructors who plan to use LockDown Browser and/or Respondus Monitor with online exams. The session is 45 minutes, plus a Q&A period at the end.

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Published on Tuesday, January 26, 2016, at 1:04 pm by jpmartin in the Learning Systems Announcements blog.
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