VoiceThread Workshops – June 2018

Global Collaborations with VoiceThread
June 19 at 1:00pm ET – Register here

If you are looking for a way to create global collaborations, VoiceThread can help! In this workshop, we will discuss a variety of global projects you can try with your students. We will show ways you can use VoiceThread’s features to design your projects and strategies you can use to find and connect with other classrooms or experts in different fields.

Boosting VoiceThread Adoption – For Managers and Administrators
June 26 at 1:00pm ET – Register here

In this workshop, we will explain how VoiceThread can be used at your school or university and discuss resources that you can share with your faculty. We will give a tour of the Manager tools and talk about how to best boost VoiceThread adoption at your institution. There will be an open Q&A throughout the session.

About the Workshops

These workshops are completely free. The sessions are led by our instructional designer and online educator George Haines.  George will share his expertise to help you get the most from VoiceThread.

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