Kaltura Classroom Is Here!

Kaltura Classroom (also called Kaltura Lecture Capture) enables you to create high quality recordings in any classroom. Kaltura Classroom is a software-based solution that is agnostic of any audio/visual hardware in a classroom environment.

With Kaltura Classroom, you can have your class schedule managed to create an automated hands-free experience. Kaltura’s platform allows you to set where the content will be shared to, whether in Blackboard or MediaSpace.

Kaltura Classroom can record any displayed PowerPoint Slides during the recording. Slides are added as chapters with their time stamp as part of the recording. The user-centric design allows a simple, easy to use workflow for professors and teaching assistants. The background upload ensures content will be available within the Kaltura platform with an engaging interactive viewing experience with Kaltura’s dual stream player. The dual stream player allows viewers to experience the content (display) and the presenter (video) simultaneously.

Recordings can be scheduled and start automatically, allowing a hands-free experience in the classroom, without need for user intervention. You can still pause/resume or stop your recording manually if needed.

Want to learn more? Contact Academic Technologies at KalturaHelp@vcu.edu!

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Published on Friday, August 10, 2018, at 1:41 pm by jascott in the Learning Systems Announcements blog.
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