Local food resources–Virginia

We’ve gone pretty deep into sourcing local and sustainable food in our house. Some resources I’ve been discovering over the last year, below. Often best to get on the email list for these places so you know what’s coming in, when.
Meadow Creek Dairy, Galax, VA: www.meadowcreekdairy.com
They ship. Ellwood Thompson’s in Richmond also carries their cheese. I’m in love with the “Appalachian.”
Everona Dairy, near Culpeper, VA: www.everonadairy.com
Sheep’s milk cheese, and LAMB too. They also ship cheese. You have to go get the lamb.
Satyrfield Dairy in Cville offers fresh goat cheese. No website, but you can call them at 434-973-6505.
Avery’s Branch Farm, Amelia, VA: www.averysbranchfarm.com
They have a cowboarding program, through which you can get milk from their grass fed cows (we do this now–there is no comparison to milk from pastured cows). They also offer turkeys–at Thanksgiving everyone at our table said it was the best turkey they’d ever had.
Brookview Farm, in Goochland (off Rt 6): http://www.brookviewfarm.com/
Grass fed lean beef, super eggs, honey, etc.
Faith Farm, Green Bay, VA. They are usually at Richmond farmers’ markets in season, and will do weekly drop-off during the winter. To get on email list, send message
to Brenda Lawler at faithfarmfoods@yahoo.com
We get pork and eggs from them often. They have a blog here: http://faithfarmfoods.blogspot.com/
Polyface Farm is the famous one (discussed in The Omnivore’s Dilemma), south of Staunton. You have to pick up. www.polyfacefarms.com.
I’ve never had better chicken.
Another great resource for finding these places is www.localharvest.org, though I’ve found many of them by just going regularly to the farmer’s market, or through friends, or through web searches.

hm, writing

writing is an exercise in release, transforming the blank page with words into a blank slate for the dreams, projections, interpretations of others. you cannot seek accuracy in language, which is by nature inaccurate, one degree removed from truth. but through language different truths can be found, not perhaps as simple as the green grass and the sun’s long, bounded life, but truths intricate, compelling, with as many facets as readers.

Recent writings

This little blog is dusty from disuse, but here we are back again. Below are links to several recently published pieces:
A review I wrote of a giant Christmas pageant-spectacular, for Style Weekly: http://www.styleweekly.com/article.asp?idarticle=15843
The obligatory Nutcracker review, for Style Weekly: http://www.styleweekly.com/article.asp?idarticle=15949
A review of the Richmond Ballet for Style Weekly–a reconstructed Agnes De Mille ballet based on a Faulkner story (I had fun with this one):
An article on witch roles in dance for Dance Magazine:
I had a short piece published in the launch of an online erotic journal, of all things. Visit Eve In Hand and check in the “Muses” section. And yes, there are lines in my piece that are over the top; I wrote it all in a rush last year and have not edited it since. So be it.