Baby Petres Gift Wish List: Due Date – Aug 12

Dear friends,
For those of you interested in supplies for the young Petres girl child soon to arrive at the Grace Street Hotel, we’ve made a wish list, below.
We will gladly accept hand-me-downs of any of these items, and would like for the baby setup to “tread gently” — environmentally, economically, etc — wherever possible.
Please let Kat Legault know what you plan to give from this list by emailing her at katleg7 at yahoo dot com. She will let you know whether the item is “spoken for”.
1. Items from our Registry #77888687 at Babies R Us (includes linens, stroller, and other layette items).
2. Hand me down infant clothes.
3. Books. For baby or even further ahead. If you’re in Richmond, do visit Narnia Children’s Books. Jilliana, the owner, has a wish list from us, and a list of already-haves. But don’t feel compelled to stick to the wish list, as she has lots and lots of wonderful books!
Narnia Children’s Books
3100 Kensington Ave
Richmond, VA 23221
(804) 353-5675
4. Amby Hammock Bed. Can be ordered online by clicking here.
5. Breastfeeding Success Package – consultation with lactation consultant Ruth Petrov.
6. Starter kit from Stork Diaper Service (or, contribution to one month’s service).
7. Visual artists (you know who you are): original art for the baby’s room would be wonderful. The baby’s room will be the octagon room (red room) on the 2nd floor.
8. Any home-made items would be delightful!

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