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Heat Exchanger Design Handbook Online: Standard reference on heat exchangers

U-Tube Heat Exchanger

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VCU Libraries has recently acquired a new resource. The Heat Exchanger Design Handbook is a standard reference source for design and other information on heat transfer, heat exchanger and other associated technologies. This online resource is the updated and expanded electronic version of the print. It covers all aspects of heat exchanger design and operation, including the basic design methodology, the associated heat transfer and fluid flow technology and the physical data required for design.

The resource is broken into five volumes. All are searchable simultaneously using keyword or phrase, author or editor:

  • Volume 1 sets the scene to present basic theory of heat exchanger and generic application technology.
  • Volume 2 gives the fundamentals of heat and mass transfer and fluid mechanics.
  • Volume 3 addresses the design of thermal and hydraulic heat exchangers.
  • Volume 4 describes mechanical design of heat exchangers and basic mechanical principles.
  • Volume 5 gives the physical properties

All volumes can be searched simultaneously but the results show the volume from which they were retrieved. For example, a simple search using the phrase “tube exchanger design” produces articles from volume 4 that give the specification and design codes for designing shell and tube heat exchangers,

Faculty and students, will find this resource very useful, particularly for senior design projects.

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By Ibironke Lawal, science and engineering collections librarian

Image: H Padleckas, Wikimedia Commons

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