Project Tycho: Data for Health Website/ University of Pittsburgh

The University of Pittsburgh Graduate School Of Public Health has developed a website that is free to the public.  The website is a compilation of weekly disease reports and surveillance tables dating back 125 years.  Some of the diseases analyzed are smallpox, polio, measles, rubella, mumps, and pertussis. This evidence could be useful in tracking and eradicating diseases.

The data is broken into different levels that are described below.

Levels of Data

Level 1 data: include data counts that have been standardized for specific analyses.

Level 2 data:  Include data counts that have been filtered from the raw data to render standardized data that can be used immediately for analysis

Level 3 data:  include all data counts that have been generated by data entry of all weekly U.S. Nationally Notifiable Disease Surveillance reports published between 1888 and 2013

For more information on the site and to explore the data sets contained there, the link for the website is below.