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A more extensive collection of books on CD/Audio. I go home every weekend and I’d really like to enjoy a book on the way there and back, and I definitly do NOT want to listen to Shakespeare on Route 95!!
From: Jennifer, undergraduate student

VCU Libraries Humanities Librarian Kevin Farley replies . . . .
VCU Libraries strives to provide the maximum support possible for the University’s academic programs, which represent a multi-disciplinary and diverse curriculum. Collection decisions will always be curriculum-defined, with collecting emphases evolving as academic programs change and develop. This includes supporting the needs of undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs, and supporting the academic community in carrying out teaching and research activities. Unfortunately, current budget constraints preclude the collection of audio books other than those that are directly supporting a curriculum. It is also not uncommon for academic libraries to have few audio books. Public libraries, however, often emphasize the collection of audio books as one of their most popular formats for borrowing. While VCU Libraries has very few unabridged books on tape, we do have approximately 800 spoken word recordings on cassette, most of which are short works that would be highly suitable for commuting, such as poetry, plays, lectures, and conference proceedings.

An additional comment was supplied by Beth Burton, Manager, Circulation and Information Services ….
I wanted to make you aware of a great service offered by VCU Libraries that still might meet your needs for information and entertainment on your trips home—for free!

While VCU Libraries does not have a great collection of audio books, there are ways to take advantage of other libraries’ collections, at no cost to you, and with very little inconvenience. The service is called Interlibrary Loan (also referred to as ILLiad). Stop by, call, or email the Circulation and Information Services Desk or the Research and Reference Desk at Cabell Library, and we’ll show you the simple process that can get you the audio books you’re looking for by using ILLiad.

3 thoughts on “Collection of Audio Books

  1. Alberto Abudara

    I agree with Peter, today almost all titles available in paper books are available as audio book. Also there are some audio book stores that offer free audio books to download. Maybe you can find the title you like as a free audio book.

  2. Peter Markovic

    Jennifer, I can understand your not wanting to listen to Shakespeare while you’re commuting! But not knowing what your tastes are, be assured that the range of audio books available these days is nothing short of staggering. For the most part, many of the titles available in paper books are also available in the audio book format also. Fictional, biographies, self-help, children’s books to the timeless to Kill a Mockingbird Audio book

    If you have not already, take a few moments to peruse an online audio book library, I would be very surprised if you were not able to find a title to suit your tastes. Another option for you is to join an audio book club, this works very much like a library. You have the option to have audio books mailed to you, or you can download them. The whole process works on a rotational basis. Note: downloaded books will time expire!

    Actually one of the most popular uses for audio books is during commuting!

    Peter Markovic

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