Internet Access Via VPN Client

I’ve tried to use the VPN client to connect to the Internet in the library and at Hibbs. The client will not log in, (Remote host not responding). I know I can just use my browser to get onto the network, “partialy” but I would like to use the other connections that the VPN offers. Why won’t the VPN client work any longer?
From: David, undergraduate student

Pat Flanagan, Associate University Librarian for Public Services, replies….
We have done some investigation and the office that can provide an answer to your question is the Technology Services HelpDesk. We posed this question and the HelpDesk indicated that it may be possible, but they can confirm with more information from you. You can call or walk in to request help, or send an email request via the online form found on their web page. They are located here in the basement of Cabell Library.

Thank you for contacting us with this question.

One thought on “Internet Access Via VPN Client

  1. Rick White

    I have the same issue and I can’t figure out what the cause is. Sometimes the VPN works but more often than not I just get the Remote Host not responding error. I did notice last time that it DID work, I was connected to the wireless network only on the b (11mbps) spectrum for some reason. I don’t know if this is the cause but maybe more testing could be done. Perhaps certain wireless hubs allow VPN connections while others do not, and it just depends on which one is closest to you and the time determining which one you are using.

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