Housekeeping Concerns in JBC

I go to Cabell library almost everyday because it’s a great place to study and do computer work since I don’t have a laptop. Cabell Library has days where there are no computers in use, so I use the basement (B-8 computer lab). I have been going for one month and in that time period NO ONE has made an attempt to keep it clean. The computer lab is VERY DISGUSTING. There are used tissues, spilled drinks, balled up papers, hair, boogers, and I mean the WORKS. Whatever you can think of you’ll probably find it in Cabell’s basement computer lab. Someone needs to come down here and THOROUGHLY clean this place. Wipe down the desks, sanitize the keyboards, and even wax the floors because a computer lab should never look like that.
From: an undergraduate student

Patricia Flanagan, Associate University Librarian for Public Services, responds…
Thank you very much for contacting us with this information about the Cabell basement computer lab. I have forwarded your concerns to Technology Services who own and operate that lab, and also to a housekeeping staff representative.

As I am sure you have observed this fall, all of Cabell Library is being very heavily used. Many days this semester there have been door entry counts of over 10,000 people per day. The 1st through 4th floors have also been problematic to keep clean and library administration has regularly contacted housekeeping asking for additional assistance.

Cabell Library was designed and built to serve the academic community when the student count was approximately half of what it is today. In addition, our space is further crowded by the fact that the library collections have almost doubled in that same period of time. This translates into a very dense concentration of users within the study and lab spaces and produces a very high volume of trash and mess.

I really sympathize with your frustration that the lab in the basement has been an unpleasant place to work. I appreciate your taking the time to share your concerns with us. We will continue to work with
housekeeping on the need to keep up with the cleaning needs in the building. Please don’t hesitate to contact us again as you observe problems.

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