Restrooms in Cabell Library

I am hesitant to give this suggestion, but it must be done. I love VCU libraries and spend most of my study time here. I think Cabell is great, but the restrooms are worse than most truck stops. In fact, the first floor bathrooms are the most befouled on campus (yes–even compared to the “facilities” in Shafer or the Commons). Granted, I can only speak for the ladies room, but the bathrooms are so disgusting they are often unusable and frequently lack paper products late in the evening. Usually, the basement and 4th floor toilets are usable. I have never experienced this problem at the MCV library. Thank you for providing 24 hr service; it truly makes a difference.

From: a professional student

Jeanne Hammer, Assistant University Librarian for Administration and Policy Development replies…

Thank you for bringing to our attention that the restrooms need additional attention in the evening hours. We will work with the new contract housekeeping company and the VCU contract administrator to increase the level of service between the day shift and the night shift cleaning.