Renewing laptop computers at Cabell Library

Can someone please post detailed rules about loaning and renewing computers? I know the basic rules of one a day loan and one renewal. However, it seems everytime I make a trip to renew the computer, there is a new rule. This time it was “no renewal when the computer being renewed is the only one or last one available”. Really? really? I was still working on that computer! I have a right to my one renewal regardless if it’s the only one or not. I know I have to share it with everyone else and I don’t mind doing that… after my time is up. So please someone, for my sanity, put up clear and concise rules that I’ll be happy to follow.

from: a professional student

Teresa Doherty, Head of Circulation and Information Services, replies…

As you are aware, laptops are in very high demand in Cabell Library, and our students compete for this limited resource. We recently reviewed our usage statistics, and with input from students, we have changed our check-out procedures to make them available to more students. There is no longer a restriction of one laptop loan per day, and there is no longer an automatic renewal option for laptop loans. Library staff are allowed to make an exception for a requested renewal when there are other laptops available for loan. However, if the laptop you are returning is the only one that can be offered to other patrons, you will not be allowed to renew it. The laptop check-out webpage and check-out privileges webpage will be updated to reflect this change.

VCU Libraries is pleased to partner with Technology Services to offer laptops to our students. Earlier this semester, the oldest laptops, with which we started the pilot loan program more than five years ago, were replaced with newer models. Additional older laptops will be replaced over the summer. If you have questions about our technology loans, including laptops, headphones, headsets, iPads, e-readers and more, please feel free to contact me directly at